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Prashar is a beautiful valley tying its rich heritage to Mahabharat age.

In this valley we find rich Pahari culture and geographical diversity beaming in its native treasure trove

Bogchi Resorts & Restaurant

Bogchi helps you celebrate your precious moments alongside huge mountains, breathtaking views and mouthwatering food making them memorable for a life time. From delicious food to camping adventures to peace and rustling winds to starry bonfires, Bogchi is an experience you will cherish a lifetime.

"We rest in the mountains with greens and not concrete"

Our Accommodations

Immerse yourself in the charm of our quaint cottages, thoughtfully designed with modern amenities and offering spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes. These cozy retreats provide an intimate and serene setting for guests seeking a unique and memorable experience away from the hustle and bustle.


Experience a blend of comfort and luxury in our spacious rooms, featuring essential amenities and delightful views of the surrounding landscapes.


Enjoy quality time with your loved ones in our spacious family rooms, thoughtfully designed with modern amenities and captivating views of the surrounding landscapes.


Relish in the elegance and comfort of our spacious deluxe rooms, complete with contemporary amenities and stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.


Embrace the spirit of adventure in our comfortable camps, set up amid nature with essential amenities and access to common washrooms. Revel in the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes and enjoy an authentic outdoor experience, perfect for travellers seeking a memorable escape with a touch of rustic charm.

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Built with mud, wood and stones
Rustic Charm
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Prashar Lake Trek

Discover the enchanting Prashar Lake Trek, the one day moderate hike takes you through lush forests and charming villages in the Dhauladhar range and revel in the serene beauty of the lake, the ancient temple, and the mysterious floating island. It’s a rejuvenating trek for nature enthusiasts, trekkers, and photographers.

Hiking & Nature Trails

Discover the majestic beauty of the region through guided hikes and nature walks, led by our experienced local guides.One can spot Grey-Hooded Warbler, Western Tragopan, and many more beautiful birds. 

Prashar Lake Temple

An ancient three storeyed Pagoda style temple dedicated to the Rishi Prashar, the patron God of Mandi region, stands besides this mesmerising lake. A small island within the lake keeps moving from east to west and symbolises its relation with the lake as that of earth itself.

"Luxury, Great view, Romantic, Quiet, Kid-friendly, Great value"

"I recently had the pleasure of staying at this place, and it was truly amazing. The breathtaking views of the hills added to the overall charm. The food surpassed expectations, being both delicious and flavorful. The owner's hospitality set a remarkable standard, exemplifying what an ideal host should be. My experience was nothing short of delightful, and I wholeheartedly recommend this resort for a memorable getaway, especially if you're with friends or a loved one. The combination of stunning surroundings, delectable food, and exceptional hospitality creates an experience that's perfect for creating cherished memories with your companions. Don't miss the opportunity to visit this gem near Prashar Lake.

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