Your struggle to choose the right course ends here as we guide you
in the selection of course based on your skills required in the industry.

We will help you broaden your horizons with a course that will prepare you for an incredible career by Finding the right college/course.

Our experts can guide you to the best college/course for you, from architecture or building management, to building and materials


Planning for a better future? Need an extra push ? Let us you in journey by providing all necessary information and plan it out for you.

Studying abroad is one of the most transformative and life-changing experiences. GCI Overseas helps you to make the most of this huge investment in time and cost with its proven strategy which will help you gain admission to universities in leading countries like the US, Canada, and other countries.

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Let us help you to make abroad feel like home

Our advisers are always available to answer your questions and help calm your nerves, and we run pre-departure briefings throughout the year to help you prepare for life by helping you with :

• Handy Information of the local culture
• New life as a student studying abroad
• Health & Wellbeing support/advice
• Working/Internships while you’re studying


Let us guide you through the visa process to your preferred study abroad destination and also make it smoother in the process.


It is not easy to apply for a student visa. Getting your study abroad visa takes time, but with the help of GCI Overseas advisors, it can be surprisingly easy.

We support you throughout the visa process, including completing the applications, briefings and training for mock interviews, and more.

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IELTS /PTE Preparation

GCI Overseas is an all rounder solution for your IELTS, PTE, Spoken English and Interview preparation.

IELTS, also known as the International English Language Testing System, is an English language proficiency certificate to get admission to a job in native English countries. It is accepted in more than 11000 organizations across the world. The minimum overall IELTS score for most institutions is 6 but it depends on your choice of institution. IELTS scores are accepted in many countries including, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the UK, and the USA.
The Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic) is an English language proficiency exam that evaluates your ability to speak, write, listen, and read in English. Many people are required to take it to study in an English-speaking nation or to become permanent residents of that country. We aim to provide you with extensive information on how to prepare for the exam and feel confident that you understand what you’re getting yourself into!